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Sebastian Cetina as TOM

Sebastian Cetina is a uniquely gifted and talented STAND-UP COMEDIAN, ACTOR, VOICE-OVER SPECIALIST, IMPRESSIONIST, & MODEL who is about to take the Entertainment World by storm. His numerous Television appearances on soaps, sit-coms, stand-up comedy shows, and brilliance in Film have captivated audiences with his charisma and presence on screen. Also several guest appearances on hit radio shows and sports talk shows have showcased his diversity in entertainment with his personality & gift for impressions & characters. Add that to his high-energy Stand-Up Comedy performances, which leave audiences dying of laughter, gasping for air, and wanting more. His mass appeal is also his strength, being able to perform for crowds of all ages, genders, and ethnicities. This includes the young, elderly, black, white, Latino, Asian, and so on.

Sebastian has been compared to such comedians as Eddie Murphy, John Leguizamo, and Phil Hartman, because of the numerous characters he does so well. His range (Dramatic and Comedic) is about as wide as there can be in one individual. Very few actors in our time can match his versatility. Such actors that come to mind are Robin Williams, John Lithgow, and the above mentioned John Leguizamo. But it is unfair to compare him with anyone else, because though he has the range of those actors there has never been an actor with that type of range and the look of a Calvin Klein poster boy. Because of his clean cut model looks he is often compared to Pop singers and today's teen idols. Other comedians have labeled Sebastian "The Ricky Martin of Comedy".

He is able to do well over a 100 different impersonations, original characters, & accents. There are no limits when it comes to race, gender & age. He can also do most of the hottest young pop stars and actors. That includes singers, sports commentators, boxers, baseball, basketball & Football players, rock stars, The President of the US, past Presidents, political candidates, talk show hosts, tons of accents, cartoon characters, and most importantly in this period of the Entertainment Biz is all of the Hottest Latino Celebrities male & female and resembles most with his looks.

Sebastian Cetina will take entertainment to a new level that has never been seen before. He is about to release a unique Comedy CD that will entertain Millions. He will also become a huge Television Sit-com & Film star, successful Model, Sports talk show host, have top selling CD's, concerts that sellout Arenas, and much, much, more. There is no doubt he is one of the next Breakthrough stars in the Business!

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