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Paloma Picasso is the story of a guy named Tom who has recently lost his mother.  He has been receiving e-mails from the same person over & over again ever since his mother passed away.  He doesnít understand why this is happening; all he wants is for them to stop!  

Tom wakes up one morning to check his e-mail, to his dismay, he has 30 unread e-mails all from the same person, Paloma Picasso.  As he begins scrolling down the page, Tom receives an Instant Message from Paloma Picasso, which reads: ďDonít be upset, I know what youíre going through.  Iím only trying to help heal the wound.Ē  Showing his frustration, Tom replies by telling the person to leave him alone and slams his laptop closed!  

That afternoon, Tom visits the cemetery where his mother lays to rest.  He is still mourning his motherís loss as he speaks to her in tears.  Later that day, he arrives at his Fatherís house to pay a visit.  He enters the house calling out to see if anyoneís home.  Surprisingly enough, thereís no response so he checks his sisterís room then his Dadís room.  

As he approaches his Dadís room, he hesitates because he hadnít entered the room since his mother passed away.  He finally enters the room and walks in front of the bed.  Tom pans the room sluggishly as he focuses his attention at a dresser.  He notices his motherís picture.  He picks the picture frame and tears start to run down his cheek.  As he lays the picture down, he notices a perfume bottle beside it.  Tom picks the bottle up, takes the cap off for a quick whiff, as he reminisces his motherís scent.  As he puts the cap back on, he notices the name of the bottle.  

To his dismay, he makes a chilling connection between the e-mails and the name of the perfume bottleÖďPaloma Picasso.Ē  Startled by his discovery, Tom drops the bottle and jumps back to realize that itís his mother who is supernaturally trying to communicate with him via the Internet.

                                           THE END



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